Michael Vick: Redeemed Hero or Still a Dog Killer?

When the Eagles signed Michael Vick, I supported the signing because I felt that he had served his time and should be allowed to get a second chance. But now it’s interesting to see how most people have embraced Vick as a hero, now that he has been playing so well. It’s funny how winning changes everything. Are you on board with those who are hailing Vick as a hero and the savior of the franchise, or do you still harbor bad feelings towards him because of his past actions? It will be ironic to hear the overwhelming cheers for Vick and the chorus of boos for Donovan McNabb, who was a model citizen and the greatest quarterback in Eagles history. Please comment below. Photo from the New York Daily News.

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2 Responses to Michael Vick: Redeemed Hero or Still a Dog Killer?

  1. Rick Millan says:

    I am not a McNabb hater and I will be giving him a standing O tomorrow. I do love how the offense is going with Vick, as long as we’re winning I forgive him. If he takes us to the Super Bowl, I’ll even buy his Jersey, I just won’t let my dog play with his dogs.

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    He’s a scumsucking criminal who crawls belong ground with minions of Lucifer. Other than that he can play for anyone but my team because he has served his time.

    McNabb-would love to have him to my home for dinner, but don’t want him as QB.

    Vick-would not invite him for dinner and want him QBing another team. Case closed. Don’t ask again on this blog or I will be meaner and more vitriolic.

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