Media Appearances

Larry Atkins has given lectures on freelance writing at Barnes and Noble, Borders, the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, Temple University, ASJA Conference, Abington Library, Huntington Valley Library, Kelly Writers House, Robins Bookstore, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Montgomery County Community College Writers Conference, and WritersCornerUSA.

He has been interviewed by KYW news radio,, ABA Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Smerconish Show, Philadelphia Metro,  WHYY TV and Radio (NPR–Marty Moss-Coane show), Montgomery Newspapers, The Intelligencer, Philadelphia Weekly, Northeast Times, Kulturzeit (German TV show), Peter Solomon radio show, OpEd podcast, The David Gold Radio Show, and other media outlets.

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  1. Mark Hetelson says:

    Way to go, cuz!!!

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