It Looks Bleak, But Democrats Still Must Turn Out to Vote To Spoil the Tea Party

With the 2010 Midterm Elections approaching, the polls don’t look good for the Democrats. Right now, it appears that Democrats will lose up to 70 seats in the House and around 8 in the Senate. Despite these trends, Democrats still need to go to the polls and make a statement, especially in Pennsylvania. Right now, Pat Toomey has around a 2 point lead over Joe Sestak. A huge turnout in Philadelphia and the Suburbs is needed to pull out a come from behind Sestak win. To his credit, Toomey has run an effective campaign that portrays himself as a sensible moderate instead of the crazy, right wing Republican that he really is. Television ad money made a big difference, as Toomey had around eight times more television commercials than Sestak in the Philadelphia market. However, as John Belushi said in Animal House, “It wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.” We can’t give up yet. Go to the polls and spoil the Tea Party by voting for Democrats.

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One Response to It Looks Bleak, But Democrats Still Must Turn Out to Vote To Spoil the Tea Party

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    That’s very deceptive the way you call the Republicans the “tea party”. I think the people have spoken once again. We need to establish the “restored United States of America”. Drive the Nancies and Barnies out…they have been rejected!

    Well I have to go now…George W is on Oprah and his book just hit the stores. TTLY.

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