We’re Doomed (Again)

It was announced this week that a huge asteroid has a 1 in 1,000 chance of hitting the earth in 2182. The asteroid is over 600 yards wide and could destroy an entire city and cause devastation for hundreds of miles. It seems as though we get these asteroid doomsday scenarios once every five years or so. People have become desensitized to the problem and it’s become fodder for late night comedians. However, this is something that we should take seriously.  Sophisticated asteroid tracking is still in its relative infancy, and it seems inevitable that other asteroid threats will be discovered in the near future. No need to call Bruce Willis yet, but it is a problem that we shouldn’t ignore. Twenty years from now, it’s expected that there will be a close call from an asteroid that should come as close to the earth as our satellites. Anyone out there concerned?

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2 Responses to We’re Doomed (Again)

  1. dale Mountney says:

    too many other things to worry about. earth has been here a long time , been hit before. May be hit again. In twenty years , lasers will blow them apart. If i were you Larry i would be more concerned about those rabbits.

  2. Time to colonize Mars! Seriously, what are we waiting for?

    This actually reminds of Steven Spielberg’s “The Dig,” where a team of scientists dismantle an asteroid and look inside of it to find that it’s really a spaceship sent to take some humans back to its home planet.

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