Rape by Deception?

Last week, an Israeli court sentenced a Palestinian man to 18 months in jail for committing the crime of rape by deception. The man had posed as an Israeli in order to try to assimilate better into Israeli society. He met an Israeli woman on the street in a casual encounter and then had consensual sex in an office building the same day. When the woman found out that he was an Arab, she contacted the police. Rape by deception is a troubling concept. There are two states in the U.S., California and Tennessee, which have rape by deception statutes, and Massachusetts is considering it. Having such a law opens up Pandora’s Box, so to speak. Would a white woman who had sex with a man be able to bring a rape by deception charge against a light skinned black man who told her he was white. How about a Jewish man who lied that he was Christian? Or a janitor who lied and said he was a multimillion dollar CEO? Where does it end? Could a Philadelphia Eagles fan claim rape by deception if a Dallas Cowboys fan pretended to be an Eagles fan? Would men be able to sue women for rape by deception if they said they were 36 years old on their Match.com profile when in fact they were 46 years old? I don’t mean to minimize the horrible crime of rape, but where would rape by deception end?

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2 Responses to Rape by Deception?

  1. How about this idea:

    No more stupid, frivolous lawsuits like this one.

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    Rape is forced sex. Most sex outside of (and sometimes in) marriage has elements of deception in it, but that does not make it rape.

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