Should Fox Get a Front Row Seat at the White House?

The White House recently announced its decision to allow Fox News to move up to the coveted front row in the White House Briefing Room to replace Helen Thomas. Many people have asked the White House to revoke its decision in light of the recent news reports that News Corp., Fox News’ parent company, had donated $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association. Most people realize that Fox News is not fair and balanced and not objective. It’s more like an advocacy organization for Conservatives and Republicans than a legitimate news organization. Obviously, the White House can’t deny Fox News media access to the White House Briefing Room, but it shouldn’t be legitimizing Fox by giving it a Front Row seat, which is highly prestigious and symbolic. What do you think? Did the White House err in giving Fox the front row, or should it have given them the Bob Uecker seats in the back? Please comment below.

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One Response to Should Fox Get a Front Row Seat at the White House?

  1. No news organization is fair and balanced.

    The left-wing media feeds horrible lies to the American public. Only 4 percent of journalists are Republican. In the ’92 election, only 7 percent of journalists voted for George H.W. Bush, whereas 37 percent of the public voted for him.

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