My Latest Huffington Post Article

My latest Huffington Post article: Bill Gates Is Wrong. College Campuses Will Not Fade Away.

Here is the link below:

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  1. dale Mountney says:

    from what i have heard and read from people who have lived on college campus. Party is the number 1 activity , drinking , coed dorms, i guess social skills and friendships will be made. People cheat , dont go to class and still graduate. If i am a parent paying thousands of dollars for my childs education, and now i see a way of saving a large sum of money, by doing what Bill Gates predicts, sounds good to me. I am sure many schools will always exit, school like MIT and Stanford. But nothing stays the same. You can always join the Military or the peace corps if you want to build bonds. That will cost a lot less . Join your local Jcc or Mcc. and you will meet all kinds of people and have long and short relationships.

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