Rolling Stone Magazine Names Top 10 Beatles Songs. Where’s Here Comes the Sun?

Rolling Stone Magazine just came out with its list of the Top 10 Beatles songs of all time. These lists are obviously subjective. I would have included Here Comes the Sun, Norwegian Wood,¬†and Back in the USSR. From my perspective,¬†there’s also a difference between best songs and songs that I like. For instance, I realize that objectively, Eleanor Rigby is one of the best Beatles songs ever, but I don’t really like it. Same thing with Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. Do you agree with the Rolling Stone list? What changes would you make? Please comment below.

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2 Responses to Rolling Stone Magazine Names Top 10 Beatles Songs. Where’s Here Comes the Sun?

  1. A Day in the Life is definitely the best song they’ve ever done. Not big on Here Comes the Sun.

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    There are so many great ones from the best band of all time that it would be like naming the 9 best baseball players of all time or the 5 best basketball players. How would you leave Jerry West, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Kareem etc off a list that might include Wilt, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell and Koby. If you really give it some thought baseball would be even more difficult. The Beatles music will live forever, because they were so incredibly talented and gifted. Just think about the diversity of styles in their songs, and the quality that was produced in just 6 short years. It really saddens me that this current generation has such terrible, uncreative music. I can’t even listen to most of it. We (older folks) were very lucky to have lived through the times that we did.

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