Will This Year Cause the BCS to Implode?

Everyone loves an underdog, but not the sultans of the BCS, which have created a rigged, unfair bowl system. This year, it is conceivable that a Boise State team with zero or one loss will be left out of the BCS bowls, while the Big East Champion will get a BCS bowl bid with three or four losses. Right now, the only way that Boise State could play for the National Championship is if Auburn or Oregon lose one of their last regular season games. If Auburn and Oregon win out, it is possible that the BCS would snub Boise State due to the number of predetermined bowl selections that are guaranteed to the six BCS Conferences. On one hand, I’m rooting for Auburn or Oregon to lose, so that Boise State can get its chance. On the other hand, it might be better for college football in the long run if Boise State gets snubbed. Hopefully, this would be the last straw for frustrated college football fans who want a National Championship Football Playoff. Maybe it would be achieved by a lawsuit, or Congressional action, or by public outcry, but a snub of Boise State this year would be outrageous and should cause a widespread plea for change.  Don’t mess with the blue turf.  Should Boise State be left out of the BCS party? Comment below. (Photo from azsportstalk.com)

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2 Responses to Will This Year Cause the BCS to Implode?

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    No they should never leave Boise State out of anything. That play a couple years ago with the behind the back hand off is still the best I’ve ever seen (and the proposal that followed was even better-I’m such a romantic).

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    Get better soon Professor. I don’t like to hear about you or anybody else I know being sick. Can I bring you anything? How about some light reading…the latest issue of The Weekly Standard? See you soon on the court.

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