STOP Playing Politics With START

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton¬†went on the morning talk shows on Sunday to urge the Republicans in the U.S. Senate to stop playing politics and to ratify the START treaty with Russia. The treaty has bipartisan support as well as support from many world leaders and former U.S. Secretaries of State, including Henry Kissinger. The agreement would allow U.S. inspectors to continue to have access to Russian nuclear arsenals. Arizona Republican Senatory Jon Kyl has been one of the main critics of the START treaty, and he said last week that he doubted that the pact would be brought up during the current lame duck session of Congress. Unfortunately, Republicans had a great deal of success in just saying “no” to nearly everything that President Obama has attempted to do. Their success in the midterm elections has convinced them that opposing the President, even in matters of utmost national security, is in their best political interest. It’s a sad state of affairs. This is too important of an issue to play politics with. What’s your opinion? Please comment below. (Photo from the New York Daily News).

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  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    I don’t trust Russians, except for Walter the football guy.

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