Have You Changed Your Opinion of Twitter?

Jon Friedman of Market Watch wrote an interesting article yesterday explaining that he had gone from a Twitter critic to a Twitter convert. I realize that Twitter has value as a marketing tool and for breaking news, but it still hasn’t won me over. I don’t need to know details of people’s lives like what they had for lunch yesterday. I’ll probably come around to use it in the next couple of years, just like I came around and joined Facebook. I’m just not there yet. Do you use Twitter or are you still a Twitter skeptic like me? Convince me why I should convert. Please comment below.

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2 Responses to Have You Changed Your Opinion of Twitter?

  1. I use it and have 1,730 followers or so. It’s a great marketing tool, and it’s an awesome way to get the latest news.

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    I’m not familiar with Twitter although I understand how it works. I used to make light of Facebook calling it “Spacebook” or “Wastebook”. Then my Athletic Director asked me to communicate with my players and their parents in my position as a high school soccer coach last year. It’s worked very well, and I am now a Facebook aficionado. I use it every day for both personal and business promotion. Maybe I’ll be tweeting soon.

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