Are Dog Shows Abusive?

As I was flipping around the TV channels yesterday, I came across The Purina Incredible Dog Challenge on ABC. It was sort of like a doggie Olympics, featuring obstacle courses, races, and a pool diving contest. It was kind of cute and funny to watch the dogs running around pylons and it was amusing to hear the expert color commentator critique the dog trainers’ throws of the tennis balls or toys that enticed the dogs to jump. However, this event made me think about whether these contests and dog shows are exploiting the animals. I’m not a PETA protester and I do eat meat, but I wonder whether we should be showing off and training these dogs just to amuse us. Let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to Are Dog Shows Abusive?

  1. Dogs seem to like doing that kind of stuff. My dogs are always begging me to go outside, so I can throw a tennis ball and they can chase it. As for the show, most dogs know they are beneath the owner in pack prestige and are content with taking orders from their superiors.

  2. dale Mountney says:

    As long as the dog trainer does not abuse the dog in training , the dogs love the attention. will work hard and enjoy themselves. dogs are better off using their skills, running, jumping than being left alone in a garage or basement all day , that is more abusive.

  3. Great point, Dale. Dogs are most miserable when neglected all day.

  4. Jackson Kapp says:

    I don’t like animal abuse of any sort. I prefer their company to mankind.

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