Tax the Rich? You bet

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner went on the Sunday morning talk shows to explain the Obama Administration’s position that it would support repealing the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 a year but would keep the tax cuts for the middle class. It’s a fair policy, as it would keep the tax cuts for nearly 97 percent of all Americans. President Obama made this one of the centerpieces of his campaign. Furthermore, it would show fiscal discipline; renewing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would add to the federal deficit. The income gap between wealthy Americans and everyone else rose significantly during the past few decades. The economy thrived under President Clinton when taxes were higher on the wealthy. Keep tax cuts for the middle class and for small businesses, but don’t give them to wealthy people who don’t need them. Your comments?

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6 Responses to Tax the Rich? You bet

  1. Here’s an idea on how to motivate Americans:

    1. Promise them that America is the land of opportunities.
    2. Watch them work hard.
    3. Watch that hard work pay off, as they become very successful.
    4. Penalize them for working hard by taxing them heavily, and watch that money go to A) crack heads who would rather collect unemployment/welfare than work or B) crooked (probably liberal) politicians like John Street and Michael Nutter who then hire their friends at $500K/year and quietly take some of that money for themselves.

    Which of those four items does not belong?

  2. dale Mountney says:

    you have some of the same people in the current administration that were in the last administration. which adminstration did they make the correct decision on the economy. you have intelligent Republicans and Democrats, (oxy moron) with opposing ideas to fix the economy. Why don’ t all educated economists agree, Its a mystery.
    I like good mystery. this is the land of many good mysteries. I know if i made over 250 K I would be unhappy if i was over taxed especially if i worked two jobs and worked over 60 hours a week, but i understand people work 60 hours a week and make 30K a year a heavy tax on them hurts worse.

  3. Instead of taxing people and having the money in the hands of corrupt government, what needs to happen is that outsourced jobs need to come back home.

    If I were able to make the decisions, I’d heavily tax businesses that outsource jobs, and give big tax deductions to businesses that keep all jobs in America. Unemployment here would then drop tremendously, people would have more money, and then they’d spend that money on businesses here, who then would make more money and would be able to hire more more people. Everyone wins.

  4. Jackson Kapp says:

    I agree with Walter C. Don’t penalize the successful. Terming it “tax cuts for the rich” is a misnomer at the very least. Once somebody came up with that phrase every liberal in the country parroted it. Liberalism is a disease…oh I’m sorry that’s drug addiction. I don’t know why I get so confused with how I’m SUPPOSED to politically think.

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