My Latest Huffington Post Article: We Need A Prune Juice Party

Here is the link to my latest Huffington Post article: WE NEED A PRUNE JUICE PARTY TO ADVOCATE FOR SENIORS AND ENTITLEMENTS. Please feel free to comment, and rip away, below.

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One Response to My Latest Huffington Post Article: We Need A Prune Juice Party

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    Prune juice my tuchas (or in Bachman speak two kass). I think “bringing the pitchforks” was a fitting metaphor. It is shocking and fascinating how powerful a movement like the Tea Party became and so quickly. Don’t think the Dems could pull off the same. Conservatives don’t hate old people, they hate “takers” and “users” those who don’t contribute and leech off the society of those who work hard and are successful (reference “the ant and the grasshopper”). Accomplished people don’t want to support the lazy. Of course there are those who must be taken care of, but not druggies and welfare abusers. They’ve been coddled for too long. They laugh at Liberals whose hearts are breaking all the time (see Bonnie K., mi esposa, who can’t wait to cry at every NPR story so that she can send money to their causes).

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