Best and Worst Things From Last Week

Best Things:

1.  U.S. Supreme Court upholds Obamney Care. Chief Justice Roberts shows courage in splitting from Conservative Justices.

2.  Sixers trade for a big guy and sign Lavoy Allen.

3.  Boise St. officially leaves the Mountain West after having second thoughts. Good news for Temple and the Big East.

4.  Anti-Romney Bain Capital political ads shown to be effective.

5.  Michael Phelps dominates the Olympic Swim Trials

6.  Spain impressive in Euro Cup win

7.  Temple U. doesn’t raise tuition

8.  My Philly Post article (see post below)

Worst Things:

1.  Republicans vow to repeal Obamney Care

2.  Two Cable TV networks erroneously report at first that the Supreme Court had struck down the law.

3.  The purely partisan House censure of Attorney General Eric Holder

4.  Phillies trade Jim Thome

5.  Sixers draft another small forward who can’t shoot.

6.  Ann Curry booted off the Today Show

7.  Extensive media coverage of TomKat divorce

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3 Responses to Best and Worst Things From Last Week

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    Roberts outfoxed everybody. Not a single commentator that I heard predicted this switch from the Commerce Clause. Then he fled the country.

    • admin says:

      You might be right about outfoxing everyone. Now, Roberts can go back to his Right Wing Conservative ways during the next Supreme Court term and it will be harder for people to argue that it’s a biased Supreme Court.

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    Nothing Spain ever does will impress me. They still have a King for God’s sake. How stupid and antiquated is that? Plus they expelled and tortured my ancestors. So I hate Espanya (sorry no tilde…sorry no accent) and hope they lose every soccer game they play forever even after they get rid of their anachronistic Royal family. Seriously a “King”????????????

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