Moe’s No Stooge, But Sixers Screwed Up

The Philadelphia 76ers have a huge need for good big men. Spencer Hawes is slow and Elton Brand is old. But instead of taking a big man with the 15th pick, they took yet another small forward, Moe Harkless of St. John’s. He was the Big East rookie of the year and might turn into a very good player, but he doesn’t fit the Sixers’ needs. They should have taken Tyler Zeller, the 7 foot North Carolina center, who was the ACC player of the year.  He can run the floor, rebound, play defense, and block shots. They could have gotten Zeller and still made the trade for Arnette Moultrie, which was a good move.  They should have kept their last second round pick and taken Robert Sacre, a 7 footer from Gonzaga who ended up being taken by the Lakers. A troubling aspect of the Harkless pick is that despite his poor three point shooting in college, the Sixers said that he shot well during his workout. That’s a lot different than game situations. Do you like what the Sixers did in the draft? Comment below.

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One Response to Moe’s No Stooge, But Sixers Screwed Up

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    Please no more big white guys who can’t jump over the Saturday Daily News. I like their picks. Trades and other acquisitions are coming.

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