Best and Worst Things From the Last Two Weeks



1.  Obama decision on immigration

2.  Jim Thome’s walk off home run

3.  Burger King’s bacon sundae. Mayor Bloomberg’s worst nightmare.

4.  40th Anniversary of Title IX

5.  Teased bus monitor gets over $600,000 in donations

6.  Sandusky conviction


1.  Crown for king. LeBron wins first title. I’m still drinking the haterade

2.  Daily Caller Conservative reporter heckles President Obama during his immigration announcement.

3.  Congressional witch hunt on Fast and Furious against Eric Holder.

4.  Muslim Brotherhood candidate declared President of Egypt

5.  Bus monitor gets teased by ruthless 7th graders

6.  Penn St. football doing well in recruiting

7.  Boise St. reconsidering Big East bid.

8.  Too many shootings in Philadelphia over the weekend

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