Best and Worst Things That Took Place Last Week

Here’s my list of the best and worst things that took place last week. Feel free to add your own:

1. My cousin Matthew finished his military duty in Afghanistan and will return home in a couple of weeks.

2.  The Philadelphia Writers Conference was a great success. There were around 200 people in attendance. My personal favorite presentations were Jonathan Maberry’s opening speech, Sonia Sanchez’s banquet speech (even though I’m not a Poetry guy), and Terri Levine’s Nonfiction Book Workshop.

3.  The Boston Celtics lost in the NBA Playoffs.

4.  Joe Banner leaves the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s time for a change. Andy Reid—Time’s yours.

5.  Another Al-Queda Number 2 bites the dust. Obama keeps getting the job done.


1.  I’ll Have Another doesn’t get to race for a Triple Crown.

2.  It was reported that Mitt Romney used to pretend to be a police officer in high school and pulled over cars. What a jokester.

3.  Wisconsin re-elects union buster Scott Walker as Governor.

4.  “Bloviating ignoramus” Donald Trump gets back in the news when a contestant alleges that his beauty pageant was fixed. Trump filed a lawsuit right away.

5.  Hatboro-Horsham high school students discover that someone emailed their class rank to the public.

6.  Temple University football player gets charged with rape.

7.  Nude photos of Snooki were leaked online. She already gets too much exposure.

8.  Science fiction legend Ray Bradbury dies.

9.  Le Bron and the Heat go to the NBA Finals

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4 Responses to Best and Worst Things That Took Place Last Week

  1. And the much worst of it, Lebron got his ring today! lol. What team are you in the NBA anyway? I’m for San Antonio Spurs. Anyway, hope you can getover with the Heat’s win.

    • admin says:

      Hi Robyn. Thanks for posting. I’m for the Sixers generally, but I was rooting for Oklahoma City in the Finals. At one point, it looked like San Antonio was a sure thing. They should still be strong next year.

  2. Glad your cousin will return home safely after he fulfilled his duty on Afghanistan. And also this is quite a home coming for your cousin especially if he has a family waiting for him.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Judy, I appreciate your comments. I know that his parents will be thrilled when he comes home to Florida in a few days.

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