The King Is Dethroned. Will You Miss Howard Eskin?

According to several news reports, Howard Eskin will no longer be hosting his daily sports talk show on 610 WIP. He will continue to work for WIP on Eagles broadcasts and pregame shows. I stopped listening to Eskin’s show several years ago. Obviously, he’s knowledgeable about most sports, but his obnoxious approach with callers was too much to take on a regular basis. What was your opinion of Howard Eskin? Are you glad that The King’s reign is over? Was he an obnoxious nitwit, or was he an informed host who did good reporting and broke major stories on a regular basis? This might be a good time for WIP to bring in some new blood for a change of pace. Comment below. Photo from

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One Response to The King Is Dethroned. Will You Miss Howard Eskin?

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    Never liked Howard’s approach especially in the way he took pleasure at other folks’ misfortune. The insults are repeats of what his father and uncles did to him as a kid. He grew up in my ‘hood and was 2 years ahead of me in school. Not a good athlete either.

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