George Bush 3.0? Rick Perry Is Another Wacko Texas Cowboy Dude Who Could Be President

While Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Republican Straw Poll this weekend, it was Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Presidential announcement that stole the show. It appears as though Bachmann and Perry will now compete for Tea Party support in an attempt to upset frontrunner Mitt Romney. Not only does Perry sound like Bush, but his conservative policies would be similar. In the last couple of years, he suggested that Texas might consider seceding from the United States due to President Obama’s policies. His recent prayer service in Texas featured a host of kooky preachers who had suggested that the Statue of Liberty was a demonic idol, that Oprah Winfrey was a forerunner to the harlot of Babylon and the antiChrist, and that the Catholic church was the great whore. While Perry will brag about his economic record, Texas still has an 8.2 % unemployment rate and is tied with Mississippi for having the highest number of people with minimum wage jobs in the United States. The scary thing is that he has a great deal of appeal in the Republican party and that he has a very strong chance of beating Romney. Then, if the U.S. economy continues to stall, he could conceivably beat Obama. At that point, we’ll really need to pray.  Photo from the UK Telegraph.

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