I’ll Get You My Pretty. (I Knew O’Donnell Was A Witch).

There’s no doubt that even more kooky things about Republican Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell will be revealed between now and the November election, but Bill Maher just revealed a good one a couple of days ago. It turns out that O’Donnell admitted to Maher on his show a few years ago that she had dabbled in witchcraft , had friends who were witches, and dated a witch. In addition, she also stated that American companies were cross-breeding mice with human brains. Keep your eye out for even more gems; Maher has threatened to reveal even more videos of O’Donnell’s kooky statements unless she agrees to go on his program for an interview. Can O’Donnell work her hocus pocus and fool Delaware voters to support her? Please comment below.

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One Response to I’ll Get You My Pretty. (I Knew O’Donnell Was A Witch).

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    “I’m melting, you’ve destroyed my my beautiful wickedness”.

    Hey who didn’t get into weird things in high school like she has asked. I played soccer…that was pretty strange back in 1968, and was in the marching band wearing white spats and a big black furry hat. Not quite like WITCHCRAFT though. I believe she said that she dated a wizard, not a witch. Let’s keep this thing hetero if you know what I mean.

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