Did the Media Err in Giving The Florida Pastor So Much Coverage?

There was an interesting article in last week’s New York Times, which examined the issue of whether the media erred in giving so much attention to Florida Pastor Terry Jones and his plan to burn Korans on 9/11. Media outlets often face this dilemma on whether to report certain controversial stories or to ignore them. A major factor in the decision to give this guy his 15 minutes of fame is that it made a good side story to the Ground Zero mosque controversy. Timing is often a key consideration in these situations. Odds are that there will be copycat threats by others to hold Koran burnings in the future, but that the media will be less reluctant to give it such major coverage. Do you think that the media erred in giving Pastor Jones and his bad mustache so much coverage? Do you think they should ignore future Koran burnings? Please comment below.

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One Response to Did the Media Err in Giving The Florida Pastor So Much Coverage?

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    Yes…too much coverage. He’s a nut case-probably a Republican/Conservative too. I hate that “15 minute of fame” quote. Probably because I never thought the guy (Andy Warhol) who supposedly said that had any talent or was interesting even in the least way. Just thought I would throw that in.

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