Come on Democrats, Don’t Give Up The Fight

Pretty much all of the experts are predicting a Republican Tsunami, with the GOP taking back the House and maybe even the Senate. I’m a realist; I know that the poll numbers don’t look good. However, there’s too much at stake in the upcoming Midterm Elections and the Democrats need to put up a fight and get their message out. President Obama is at his best when he is in front of a live audience in campaign mode. Today he gave a spirited address in Wisconsin defending his record and attacking Republicans and their “No We Can’t” message. Despite common perception and Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News message points, President Obama and the Democratic Congress have done many positive things. The much maligned stimulus package gave tax cuts to 98% of Americans, the auto industry was saved and is now back on its feet, the banks are stable, there have been positive job growth the last eight months, financial reform of credit card issuers and banks was passed, a bill was passed increasing student loans, many state jobs of teachers, police, and firefighters were saved, the health insurance law, while not perfect, will help to regulate insurance companies and will eliminate the egregious lifetime benefits cap, American troops were withdrawn from Iraq in a responsible manner, drone attacks against al Queda in Pakistan have been very successful, and several terrorist attacks were thwarted. Nonetheless, it will come down to the economy. Democrats have to convince people that their policies have stopped the economic free fall that started during the Bush Administration and prevented a Depression. Hopefully, they will aggressively attack the radical right wing tea party candidates that have taken over the Republican party. Republicans are opposing everything that Obama and the Democrats are proposing, even if it’s a good idea, such as the current proposal to reduce taxes on small businesses and make it easier for them to get credit. They’re likely to oppose Obama’s plan to invest in improving roads and other infrastructure that would create jobs. Do you think that it’s a done deal and that the Republicans will take over the House and/or the Senate? Or can the Democrats make a last minute comeback? Like John Belushi said in Animal House, it wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Please comment below. 

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2 Responses to Come on Democrats, Don’t Give Up The Fight

  1. Jackson Kapp says:

    OMG don’t stop him now while he’s on a roll. Fantasyland called: they said they want their talking points back. Ouch. Maybe if more liberal parents told their children “No you can’t” instead of hovering over them in helicoptors…well that will never happen.

    Yes I want the grownups in charge again for God’s sake. Our economic woes were not caused by Bush and his gang but by greedy left wingers. Obama et al have no governing experience, and it’s showing. It’s incredible to me how politicos can slant things.

  2. My dad on the GOP taking over Congress:

    “Maybe now someone will force Obama to show his birth certificate!”

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