Beck’s KookStock Could Have Been Worse

Yesterday, I had a chance to watch a good bit of Glenn Beck’s KookStock Rally at the Lincoln Memorial. I still think that he’s a lunatic and I disagree with most of his views, but the rally wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Most importantly, Beck stuck to his pledge to keep politics out of the event. I didn’t hear any negative mentions of President Obama, Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi. No one called Obama a socialist, and there were no images of Confederate Flags or signs depicting Obama as Hitler or a Witch Doctor.  All mentions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were positive. The event was more like a religious revival, where Beck urged people to turn to God. Even Sarah Palin didn’t mention politics, as she focused on honoring injured military veterans. While the crowd was mostly white, there were a diverse array of speakers, including several minorities. The event was contrived, corny, and self-serving, but nonetheless it wasn’t the hatefest that I expected. I have no doubt that Beck, Palin, and their ilk will go back on the warpath against Obama and Democrats right away, but at least for one day, they were able to tone down the hateful rhetoric. What do you think about Beck’s rally? Please comment below. (Photo from AP).

At Beck rally, strong feelings -- and confusion

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2 Responses to Beck’s KookStock Could Have Been Worse

  1. MLK was a Republican, so no politics needed.

    Obama is a socialist and liberals proudly acknowledge this. What’s wrong with calling him a socialist? Are we not allowed to call O.J. Simpson a murderer either?

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    Hey mister blogger Professor Larry, you are demeaning the future President (Palin), and VP (Beck). Be very careful how you phrase your criticisms or you might receive a visit from some large unpleasant fellows in a few years. To Walter C.-OJ was not guilty, and we should all believe in our great system of jurisprudence. MLK a republican…I had no idea!

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