President Obama’s Mosque? Not Quite.

This week, Rick Scott, a Republican Candidate for Governor in Florida released an ad critical of President Obama’s recent statement supporting the rights of Muslims to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York. His ads even went as far as calling it “Obama’s mosque”. Last time I checked, Obama wasn’t piling bricks in constructing the mosque building. I realize that this is an emotional issue and I think that both sides have reasonable positions. While building a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero could be insensitive towards the victims and their families, it’s also important to respect religious beliefs and protect religious freedom. At any rate, I don’t think that either side should use this issue in a political campaign. I agree with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who recently said that the mosque should not be used as a political football. What’s your opinion on this hot button issue? Please comment below.

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6 Responses to President Obama’s Mosque? Not Quite.

  1. So, Muslims kill thousands of people and scare our nation, and now get to build a place for their worship on top of it? It’s not surprising that Obama wants this, but I am disappointed in Americans for letting this disgrace happen.

  2. Jackson Kapp says:

    Sadly it must be a political issue, especially now that the POTUS has made his feelings known. I don’t like this mosque idea in that location, and I think it should be nipped while still in the bud stage. I believe that Mr. Obama made a mistake here, although I have been wrong before as my wife (the conscience of America) so insistently points out. BTW this is the first issue that we have completely agreed on in years, so maybe this time I’m right???????????

  3. I was talking to my mom recently, and she seems to believe that the money funded for this mosque is coming from the same place that helped fund Obama’s campaign. Not sure if that’s true, but something like that is very easy to believe.

  4. Jackson Kapp says:

    I just donated to the Japanese cultural center being built at Pearl Harbor where the USS Arizona used to be docked.

  5. If our president were Japanese, this would actually happen!

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